Bed & Breakfast PANORAMA rissani

In Hotel Panorama, you are in the center of the old king's city Rissani.


As promised in the name, the terrace at the top of the hotel allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the heart of the last city before the desert. This is a perfect place for enjoying a typical Moroccan tea or coffee.


We offer cozy traditional Moroccan rooms for between 1 and 4 people. The relaxed and authentic Moroccan atmosphere makes our bed & breakfast a perfect place for both backpackers and families.


A typical Moroccan breakfast is included, with a Berber omelet, olives, and typical local food.


There is a hot shower and European and Moroccan toilets. The bathrooms are shared.


We have a restaurant in the hotel, where you can have freshly prepared lunch and dinner like cous-cous prepared by my mother, Berber pizza, or taijine.


There are parking lots for cars and motorbikes near the hotel, and we will reimburse you for parking.


Every guest is treated like a member of the family.




- with breakfast: 12 euros

 -with breakfast and dinner: 18 euros

Restaurant panorama rissani

Moroccan Food


Moroccan cuisine is simple yet delicious. At our restaurant, you can enjoy freshly prepared authentic Moroccan cuisine made with local fruits and vegetables enhanced with savory spice mixtures.

Moroccan Breakfast


We offer the choice of either a Berber omelette or cheese, jam, olives, butter, and Moroccan olive oil.  Both are served with tea, coffee, or juice, and bread.


Breakfast is 35 dirhams

Lunch and Dinner


Included in lunch and dinner is a starter of Moroccan salad and olives and a dessert of seasonal fruit.  For the main course, you can choose between a Madfouna pizza (a local specialty), tajine, grilled meat kebabs with fries, cous-cous, or a Berber omelette.



Lunch or Dinner is 80 dirhams 




The Panorama Restaurant can accommodate up to 45 people in the covered restaurant and up to 70 people in all dining areas, including the terrace.